-Benjamin Erdmann-

This is a collection of photos from a decade of pursuing alpine climbing across the Earth, gathered as a recognition to the connection welded between  humans. We unreservedly give ourselves to these numinous arenas of wild architecture-

At 15 I first came into climbing on the steep frozen ice pillars of Lake Superior, the full value winters adding intensity to the introductory experiences. Bill Thompson is the nucleus of the regions climbing community and owner of the local gear shop in Marquette- Michigans Upper Peninsula- His influence, equipping and opening to the world of climbing has seeded a full-on lifestyle.

Alpinism presents us with a lifestlyle definition, the way we choose to appropriate ourselves in the hills translates to our lives outside them. The style expressed in our approach as minimalist- of doing more with less, taking the weighted responsibility of massed expeditionary equipment and infrastructure and holding it within ones own physical ability to dash in and out of the hills swiftly. The respect for the places we are drawn to encourages us to make the least impact on the mountains, structure and logisticate our approach that we leave no trace. In this process we experience moments of synchronicity, when the factors align-the weather window opens-the snow is of swift dreamy condition leading into sculpted crack systems splitting a vertical head wall, and we float.  We climb in awe of how insignificantly small and infinity expansive we are.

Deep gratitude to the the strength and vision of my climbing partners and for the Love and support of my friends and beautiful family-